In today’s highly competitive marketplace, data is power—whether you’re communicating to the public, making a case for your budget, creating a strategic business plan or influencing policy change. PPAI’s industry studies capture promotional products company sales to better understand how the market has evolved through the years and forecast for the future.


What strategies are top promotional product companies using? How are they structured? What technology are they using? Use PPAI's benchmarking studies to better compare your company against others in the industry.


As an industry professional you know promotional products are a powerful and strategic marketing tool. But it's the buyers opinion that ultimately matters. Learn what marketers at leading brands and agencies across the U.S. think of promotional products, how they use them in their businesses, how they budget for them and much more.


The best way to understand the power of promotional products is to ask those who receive them. PPAI's consumer studies gives you an inside look at how people engage with promotional products, what they think about them and why they work as an advertising medium.